Businesses both Small and Corporate play a large role in helping us deliver our programs to over 4,000 youth each year. Local businesses often take the team approach to volunteering for our programs and allow their employee's the opportunity and Flexibility to be a part of our JA Volunteer Team.

Why, you ask?  Allowing your employees and managers to volunteer for our programs gives them a sense of accomplishment, society and caring as they help promote small business and economics to the youth in our communities.  It helps our volunteers hone their presentation and communication skills which can further help them in their daily work as well as better their companies as a whole.  It helps build confidence in those that do volunteer for us and in delivering our programs these volunteers feel good about making a difference in the future of our economy.

Businesses in Chatham-Kent, Sarnia Lambton and Windsor Essex have many opportunities to partner with our organization whether its through providing volunteer or financial support or being a part of our board or committee's.  Don't forget our corporate events which not only allows for an opportunity to support a great organization but can allow for some great fun!

Want more information?  Be sure to check out our contact tab and reach out to our wonderful staff to see how your business can be a part of improving the future!